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    Biblical truth

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    I was looking for a definition for Biblical truth but the only one that I could fine is: The phrase "the truth" is used in Scripture as a summary of the Godly life; for truth telling, and being truthful with oneself and God, is the epitome of the life which God intends. I want to demonstrate this; for all too often it has been assumed that because we know and believe true propositions about the Gospel, therefore we are somehow automatically "of the truth".

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    Finding explicit definitions of biblical truth can be difficult. It is often examined and described by early theologians, such as Tertullian - who suggested that used reason and logic to understand the world around us was a distortion of biblical truth, which must be lived and experienced through the Bible.

    Depending on the focus of your paper (and your course), you might want to think about why you are using this quote, and what it contributes to your paper. For example, if you look at an analysis of Pope Benedict's address at Regensburg which was analyzed by Thomas Guarino (2007), you can see 5 or 6 different philosophical and religious interpretations of truth. (I have attached the file in case you don't have access to it in your own library).

    The emphasis which Pope Benedict places on the lived experience of faith is contingent on an ...