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Biblical Principles of Counseling

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Explain Biblical principles of counseling

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Biblical principles in counseling indicates counseling from the perspective of biblical principles taken from the Bible. Both the Old and New Testaments are based upon the messages of God to his people (i.e. prophets) to show them how to live an ardent, prosperous and good life. For example, Paul's aim is to show that God's work in Christ is for everyone—all who believe. Thus, he has as his mission to bring about a union of Jew and Gentile in one body, and preach of a universal sin as it relates to salvation. He emphasizes that God reveals his "righteousness" in Christ apart from the law (i.e. the Mosaic Law). The New Testament continues with the principles in the entire Old Testament (including the law and the prophets).
However, the apostle Paul's conclusion is based on the distance with which he places faith from the Mosaic law. He concludes that while the "law is to be obeyed -Christians are to believe in God and live according to God's word. For Christians this means living after the order of Christ {who speaks the word of the Father]; for non-Christians it means walking in the ways of the Lord. The primary themes from which biblical principles developed include grace, justice truth, sin, and hope.

Thus from a counseling perspective, biblical principles of counseling would infer counseling according to these moral principles in the Bible based upon ...

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This solution discusses counseling from the perspective of biblical principles.

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