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The Implicit Integration of Prayer and Scripture

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Can you please help me with the difference in implicit and explicit using prayer and scripture?

Also, how would you apply the information to a potential counseling setting? This could be in a church or clinical session if a client has come to you with problems and needing help.

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The Implicit Integration of Prayer and Scripture:

This refers to a secret approach that does not openly, directly or systematically use the spiritual resources. This may put into practice in a broad way a counselor praying for their clients that they will meet during the day before they go to work. It has the respect of the freedom of choice that the client might have and the respect of the person's character. In this integration, the Holy Spirit silently invites the guidance of God during the session. By the act of responding to intuition, the spirit senses were the hurt may be experienced in the person and provides a healing power. Some counselors might follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the session, or carefully look for biblical scriptures to understand how they can bring healing to the individual through the use these biblical principles without naming the bible to be the source. The counselor's own spiritual growth and personal integrity is the essential part of this implicit integration (Seminars, 2008).

The Explicit use of pray and Scripture:

This refers to a more overt approach that directly deals with the spiritual or ...

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