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    Impact of Religion on Business Values

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    I need help compiling an explanation of an article: http://tinyurl.com/3n7aevv. I can't seem to come up with defining the TIB theory (the Integration Box theory) and identifying its goal.
    I also need to give an explanation of the Ethics, Expression, Experience and Enrichment.

    What is an example for each of how the manifestation can be encouraged at work through organized events, programs and I need to reference a bible scripture for each one.

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    This article offers the template of a COMPASS framework for putting people in the right place to do the best job for the company. Not every person experiences the same feelings, behaviors, skills in every job. The COMPASS profile can help managers identify the best jobs to fit the skills and abilities of the person. This, in my opinion, fits the experience component of the TIB theory. To meet the needs of others, in any position, is to put emphasis on the spiritual core of a person. The Person who works within this framework is applying the steps of choice and not obligation for employees, so they enjoy their job, not just have one. People have to want to help others be happy if they are going to approach managing from this point of view. It manifests itself in ...

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    The impacts of religion on business values are examined. Ethics, expressions, experiences and enrichment is determined.