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Cultural Profile of Chinese

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Develop a cultural profile for one of the countries in the following list.

Any African Country
People's Republic of China
Saudi Arabia
Compare your findings with those of other students. Be sure to compare specific findings regarding religion, kinship, recreation, and other subsystems. What are the prevailing attitudes toward time, change material factors and individualism?

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China is a huge land with much physical diversity. China is not only the world's most populated country, it also possesses the planet's oldest civilization which is an agriculture-based society formed on the Yellow River 5,000 years ago.
Westerners who see China as a third world, relatively backward nation in terms of crude technology, meager infrastructure, atrocious hygiene, out of control pollution, out-dated politics and insufficient communication often misjudge, underestimate and misunderstand the power and impact of the Chinese people. Particularly people misunderstand their impact on their neighbors and in fact, the entire world (Ferroa, 1991).
Values and Beliefs
The Chinese place their values and principles above money and practicality. They are a modest, courteous and extremely deferential and believe that everything is to be gained by being so.
The Chinese truly believe that they possess an abundance of positive traits, which in turn, makes them believe that they are superior to others. These include: modesty, impartiality, purity, tolerance, wisdom, generosity, trustworthiness and courtesy.
Having face means having a high status in the eyes of one's peers, and it is a mark of personal dignity. Chinese are acutely sensitive to having and maintaining face in all ...

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