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    Brazil's Growth Rate, Age Profile, Health and Employment

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    Research cultural profile analysis on Brazil and Singapore; concentrate on the following bullet points below.

    ? Population growth rate and age profile. (Demographic data (life expectancy, fertility/mortality rates, adult literacy, age structure of population, proportion of urban population)
    ? Population health, education and social mobility, and attitudes to these.
    ? Population employment patterns, job market freedom and attitudes to work.
    ? Press attitudes, public opinion, social attitudes and social taboos.
    ? Important ethnic, linguistic or language groups
    ? Human Development Index value and rank

    Include References

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    Cultural Profile Analysis of Brazil

    The population of Brazil is around 198.7 million and is increasing yearly at a rate of around 1.2 percent. Over 85% of the people live in cities. About 45 percent of the population is younger than age 20. Brazilians of European (mainly Portuguese) ancestry constitute 54% of the population, whereas 39% is of diverse heritage and 6% is of African descent (Federative Republic of Brazil, 2010).

    The Human Dev. Index rank for the country is 75 of 182 countries which are adjusted for women at 63 of 155 countries. This rank of the country depicts that Brazil is a developing country and stands at 75th position in concern to measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living in comparison to other countries. The Human Dev Index Value is 0.813 (Human Development Report, 2010). The adult literacy rate of country is 90% (male) and 90% (female). The infant mortality rate is 23 at per 1,000 births and life expectancy is 69 (male) and76 (female) (Federative Republic of Brazil, 2010).

    The country's healthcare system allows for universal coverage. First-class private care is available in large cities however rural ...

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    Brazil's growth rate, age profile, health and employment is examined.