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    Chinese women and cultural practices when giving birth.

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    Discuss the cultural significance and perception of giving birth and adherence to cultural practices in Chinese women. Please compare the childbirth experiences of Chinese women living in varied sociocultural contexts. The paper should discuss themes including giving birth and adhering to cultural beliefs and practices, including the post partum tradition of yuesao.

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    The Chinese view pregnancy as a condition in which the balance between hot and cold is destabilized. In order to restore the proper balance, pregnant women are discouraged from consuming food such as tropical fruits or raw vegetables as these are believed to be "cold". Chinese cultural practices regarding childbirth are deeply rooted in tradition and tend to be more pronounced in rural areas. Levels of education and socioeconomic status also tend to influence the adherence to traditional practices.

    Of particular importance to health care providers is the traditional practice called "zuoyuezi" which takes place within one month after a woman gives birth. During this time women are placed in a period of confinement and bed rest. They are discouraged from taking showers, ...

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    The following posting discusses the cultural significance and perception of giving birth and adherence to cultural practices.