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    The Use of Biblical Management Principles

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    Please help with ideas for writing a research paper on Biblical Management Principles. More specifically, getting a good background, thesis statement, problem statement and starting my literature review.

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    I'm going to provide you with some ideas and approaches to this challenging assignment. It's challenging because it's merging the religious beliefs with managerial practices. While researching this topic, I ran across an article from David Cook, a management consultant that summed up the dilemma. He learned that most pastors feel they are competent in providing spiritual leadership but do not feel adequately prepared to manage an organization. Leading a church is managing an organization. Churches have a variety of ministries that are designed to serve various demographics. Many churches have sports ministries, prison ministries, ministries for recently divorced, single's ministries, finance ministries. While all of these wings of the church may be grounded in Christian principles, management principles are what are needed to get these projects off the ground and sustained. The challenge is even greater when trying to merge a biblical management principle outside the confines of a church where people may have different beliefs. There is a stark difference between biblical management principles and ...

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    This solution provides guidance in selecting a thesis and literature review for the use of biblical management principles in businesses.