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Eric Fromm's Human Needs/A biblical perspective

Examine Fromm's Human Needs. Compare and/or contrast each of Fromm's Human Needs from a biblical viewpoint. Remember to use Scripture in your thread. A distinction exists between human needs from the humanistic theories postulated by Fromm, and human needs as they are described in the Bible. Human needs are examined as they relate to human conflicts, and human potential. Fromm's humanistic perspective stresses a human need in caring for others. A question emerges as to whether Fromm's posiiton is much different from the biblical perspective of human needs.

Solution Summary

Fromm's Humanistic theories of human needs are compared and contrasted with the biblical perspective of human needs. Fromm presented eight basic human needs that describe how human beings live and function. A biblical perspective is presented based on individual's self-fulfillment in a Divine creator.