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    Understanding Why the Bible Is Inerrant

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    My church believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God. Please help me better understand why the Bible is specifically inerrant and how you would defend that. In addition to the Bible claiming that it is inerrant, who else in the Reformed "camp" does a good job explaining this? Please point me to their writings so I may seek out their widsom in addition to yours. Thank you!

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    Good Day!

    I will certainly assist you in completing your request.

    A recent book that has been released is:

    Enns, Peter, Albert Mohler, Jr., Michael Bird, Kevin Vanhoozer, and John Franke. (2013). Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy. Zondervan Academic.

    I have attached a copy. You are also able to access it as an ebook on the Zondervan website.

    Using the word "inerrancy" has traditionally been used by those who are considered or who consider themselves "fundamentalists."

    Sound Christianity, if I may state it as such, believes that the Scripture is the Word of God and thus is completely divine. This means that it was divinely inspired.

    Translation is a different matter. For example, King James didn't like particular words as they were translated from the Hebrew and Greek and decided to change some words. One such word I remember was "tyranny." Humans translate the original Scripture thus the Scripture is susceptible to human error in this case.

    In the above resource, Peter ...

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