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The Authority of the Biblical Canon

The Biblical Canon

1. How does the New Testament Canon possess and exercise normative authority for Christianity?
2. What is it about the history and exegesis of the canon that raises the question about the canon's normative authority?
3. How do Protestants and Catholics differ in their resolving of this issue?
4. What is the Anglo-American view of the canon and does it offer a way to move forward?
5. If the canon no longer serves as a theological norm, then how do we prevent ourselves from creating God in our own image?
6. How do we determine theological truth from falsehoods?

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1. In conservative, Protestant, evangelical circles, the New Testament Canon is regarded as the normative authority. Those who hold to the belief of 'Sola Scriptura' ('Only Scripture') believe that the Scriptures are the sole infallible rule of faith and practice.

2. Because the Canon was not established until 397 AD at the Council in Carthage, (long after Jesus' ascension), it could be argued that the books chosen for the canon were chosen by man, rather than by God. Before 397 AD, various local groups had differing letters/books ...

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Included in the solution is discussion regarding the importance of the authority of the New Testament and how Catholics would view the canon differently than Protestants.