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Hello: Please help our study group define + understand the following words in a clear, easy to understand manner: Thanks! (Webster Dictionary just isn't doing it for us!)

Synoptic Gospels:
Didactice Literature:
Historiographical Literature:

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<br><br>This refers to the early canon, or that which contains the authorized collection of the books of Scripture. They include all the books of the King James version of the Old Testament. In contrast, the deutero-canonical are books that were later added to the official version of the bible, otherwise referred to as the apocrypha. Roman Catholics do not distinguish between the two. 'Proto' means 'first' or 'early'. 'Canon' refers to the accepted or genuine list of books considered to be authentic.
<br><br>Synoptic gospels:
<br><br>These are the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. They are 'synoptic' because they refer ...