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Moral Theology

Theology Vocabulary. Define the theological terms below. They should demonstrate an understanding of the term and its relevance to the course.
1. Beatitudes
2. Beliefs
3. Christ = Messiah
4. Christian Faith
5. Christology
6. Conciliar
7. Conversion = Metanoia
8. Council
9. Council of Nicaea
10. Council of Chalcedon
11. Ecumenical Council
12. Incarnation
13. Liberation Theology
14. Paschal Mystery
15. Reign (=Kingdom) of God
16. Religious Truth
17. Resurrection

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relevance to the course.

1. Beatitudes
The eight or nine blessings in Christ's Sermon on the Mount (Matt5:3-11). Beatitudes (blessed, happy) are the blessings proclaimed by Christ at the beginning of the Sermon of the Mount. They contain basic laws, and guidelines for perfection.
2. Beliefs
Beliefs ideas that held as real and true.
3. Christ = Messiah
Messiah refers to the Anointed one), and was viewed (although differently) in both the Old and New Testament as the one who would deliver God's people from suffering and bondage. Initially through Nathan's promise to David (2 Sam 7:12-16), the Messiah was viewed as an anointed king or rule. The term was used to refer to a promised king or ruler form the line of David. In the New Testament, the Messiah indicated the Promised deliver who was the heavenly king
4. Christian Faith
Christian faith is made up of the beliefs and ideology of the followers of Christ. The beliefs are based upon biblical and historical tradition of ...

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