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Prophecy and Biblical Inerrancy

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Is there a tie or relationship between prophecy and Biblical inerrancy. Please provide me your brief insight to this subject? Perhaps some scriptural reference and other published references.

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This solution describes the relationship between prophecy and biblical inerrancy.

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*Is there a relationship between prophecy and biblical inerrancy>

Inerrancy is the view that as it is written, the "Original manuscript of the Bible is fundamentally interpreted is true (Wallace, 2013). As Wallace notes, the Bible claims infallibility based on God's inspired word. Referencing 2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is God-breathed...." Wallace suggests by believing that God and His nature are divine and perfect, we hold in the belief that everything Gods speaks; He speaks truthfully. I concur with Wallace that everything in the Bible is based upon God's promise that what is written is true, and those things prophesized will be fulfilled.
Christians believe in the Bible because it is a revelation. The scripture communicates the truth; therefore it must also be truth. As believers of God's word, we seek the true God and want to have the kind of relationship that God draws us to. One can make an argument that there appears to be inaccuracies in the Bible if specific redactions are reviewed, or writing styles are noted such as the different accounts found in the four Synoptic gospels. For example, whereas Matthew and Luke speak convincingly of the birth of Jesus, and specific occurrences such as the ...

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