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    Biblical Prophecy

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    In biblical prophecy, what does the term "double reference" mean? I think it aids understanding, since it provides more than one reference to the same event, but correct me if I am wrong. Also, describe the four kinds of double referencing found in Scripture and also provide examples.

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    1. What is double referencing?

    There are a number of prophecies in the OT which have a primary application to the millenial kingdom or the eternal kingdom, but are fulfilled in part in the church age. Furthermore, there are prophecies which seem to focus on the immediate historical context of the prophet, yet there is a more complete fulfillment later. This tendency to speak of events that are separated by time, as though they were not, is called the principle of double reference.

    The tendency of scripture to reveal God's plan by way of double reference is consistent throughout the OT. For example, the promise of a "son" and a "house" to David (II Sam. 7) is ...

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    Referring to Bible Prophesy scriptures, this solution explains the meaning of "double reference" and also describes the four kinds of double referencing found in Scripture. Examples are also provided.