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An outline of Jesus' ministry in Matthew

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Could you give a list of what is considered the "stories" of the ministry of Jesus in Galilee and also the biblical citations of the stories? What is public ministry of Jesus? What or where is Galilee? Give a detailed outline of Jesus ministry not only in Galilee, but also in Judea and precisely in Jerusalem.

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One needs preliminary explanations in order to get the hang of the whole issue. First, what is the public ministry of Jesus? The public ministry of Jesus consists in proclaiming the kingdom of heaven and healing the sick. This he started doing openly after the baptism and temptation.
Secondly, where or what is Galilee? Galilee is a large region in the northern part of Palestine (now Israel). It has many cities and towns mentioned in the gospels e.g. Nazareth, Capernaum, Gennesaret, Cana, Jordan river etc. The Galilean ministry of Jesus is that ministry done within this region. And this varies from one gospel to the other. The outline is more or less the same in the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), but it is different in John. The gospel of Matthew says that he entered Galilee (4:12) and then that he left Galilee (19:1). This then gives you the frame of his ministry in Galilee.

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Here is the outline of the public ministry of Jesus in Galilee following the Gospel according to Matthew. Jesus' ministry in Judea and in Jerusalem is added in order to give a complete picture:
In Galilee
? Jesus goes into Galilee (Capernaum) and began preaching (4:12-17)
? Calling of the first four disciples (Lake of Galilee - 4:18-22)
? Proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing all kinds of disease (4:23-25)
? The sermon on the mount starting with the Beatitudes (5:1-7:29)
? The narrative section that contains ten different miracles (8:1-9:34)
- The cure of the leper (8:1-4)
- The cure of the centurion's servant (8:5-13)
- The cure of Peter's mother-in-law (8:14-15)
- A number of cures (8:16-17)
- Unconditional commitment (8:18-22)
- The calming of the ...

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