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ways of approaching truth

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How to Identified several ways of seeking knowledge and truth; Please clearly explained.

How a biblical christian worldview and different methods of knowing are compatible and why discussed from a biblical christian worldview.

What aspects of human nature influence in seeking knowledge and truth?

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Let's take each concept at a time. For each concept, let me give you a few ideas and then at the end of my article here, I'll give you a few sources that deal with these in detail.

First, the different ways of approaching truth.

1. Revelation. This is central. It deals with God's manifestation to man through miracles, the Bible and the canons of the church. This is the Holy Spirit providing aspects of God's being to fallen mankind. Of course, this is not all God is, but it is that aspect of him that is most important to human survival, forgiveness and flourishing. In other words, the bible is what God needs for us to know.

2. Reason. The concept here is that nature is rational. It is ordered. Nature is the creation of God because it shows his presence. Nature can be understood by reason because it is well ordered. All parts of the natural order support all other parts. It is one great system.

3. Contemplation. This is a little different. Contemplation is reading the signs. Nature is not just an ordered organization of forces. It contains much of what we need to live a happy life. Nature and our life in the church are other forms of revelation. God is present in nature and hence, we can see lessons for our life within it. Some examples of what we can learn from nature are things like the orderly nature of life, taking just what we need (and no more), everything dies, God cares for his creatures and that man is social by nature. All of these things can be seen in the functioning of the natural order.

The point here is that all things speak to the glory of God. Reason and Contemplation do not have that direct apprehension that ...

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