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    Why are there so disagreements among Christians?

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    If God's expectations are clear, why are there so many disagreements among Christian denominations?

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    Wow, whole books have been written on this topic. I'll try to boil it down to two specific reasons though because these cover the vast majority of disagreements.

    The first, there is disagreement about whether we should think of the Bible from a dispensational or covenant point of view. For the most part both views agree that God's word is true and to be trusted. They also agree that God and His character do not change. However they disagree on whether God's promises apply to everyone throughout history or if He dealt with different people differently throughout history.

    The dispensationalists say that God has acted differently in specific ways with specific people throughout history. They point to the fact that God's specific relationship and expectations of Adam and Eve were different from His relationship and expectations of us today. He told them not ...

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    This solution outlines some of the main disagreements among Christian denominations.