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A Framework for Christianity

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Critically evaluate the framework of comparison for Christianity.
1. What should be in the framework that is missing and why?
2. What is in the framework that should be removed and why?

Refer to the two attached files when answering the questions:
The first attached file explains the framework for understanding and comparing religious worldviews.
The second attached file explains a framework of comparison for Christianity.

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Interesting assignment. Thanks for putting your attachments into Word documents. After reading both of the attachments, here are some notes on how I would begin answering the questions posed:

1) What should be in the framework that is missing and why?

In the first section, "What does it mean to be human?" the framework explanation says that this section addresses, among other things, what constitutes human nature. I did not notice this question being answered in the framework of comparison for Christianity. You may want to address here that some Christians think that humans are comprised of a body and a soul, while some ...

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Christianity framework is evaluated.

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