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Commonalities among religions of the world

What do the world religions have in common? Cite specific examples from each of the religions studied in this course. Are there any stark differences or striking similarities you wish to point out? If so, why?

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Religions of the World:

Most world religions have a set of ethical beliefs in common despite the fact that they do not share the same set of ethics. They are however bonded by some common set of ethical beliefs which are mandated by supernatural forces. Considering the case of the Christian tradition available in Judea, there were ten commandments which served as a set of ethics which was presented by God to the humans to govern the way people lived and behaved with each other. Most religions in the world today have various set of elaborate taboos which assists them in adhering to good behavior. In addition to the ethical beliefs, most religions also have rituals which are a common feature. Rituals have to be performed more or less on a daily basis within religions since they are a manifestation of a religion. For example Christians ensured circumcision among all the first born sons (Hopfe & Woodward, ...

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