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    Multiple Denominations in Christianity & Synoptic Gospel

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    Explain at least three reasons why there are so many divisions / denominations in the Christian religion.
    Explain what is meant by the term "synoptic gospels", and discuss why this term is important for Christians when reading the Bible.

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    Explain at least three reasons why there are so many divisions / denominations in the Christian religion.

    We can first look at the three major divisions or movements (with respect to changes in the Christian church):

    1. Eastern Orthodoxy
    2. Roman Catholicism
    3. Protestantism

    Before 1054 AD, Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism were the same church. Protestantism broke off in the 16th century.

    These three branches of Christianity have many, many denominations under their scopes. I read recently that there are over 41,000 denominations; however, the majority of them have yet to be verified.

    If I could jump forward to the present day in the context of what I just wrote, many people today are looking for "spirituality" that is appropriate for their lives and lifestyles. Many people are not looking to conform to a "religion" or "way of living" that is dictated or giving them rules to govern their lives.

    This idea is part of the context of how Christianity was divided into the three branches and the multiple denominations that divided within these branches. An analogy can be a tree. There was one root of which this tree (Christianity) came from which is Jesus Christ. Then three branches grow off away from each other because of different environmental conditions that surround different parts of the tree. Then smaller branches grow from the three main ones expanding outward ...

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    963 words gives reasons for the many divisions or denominations within Christianity today and explains the meaning of "Synoptic Gospels" and how this is important for the Christian believer when reading the Bible.