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development of the synoptic tradition

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Please use: readings (Jesus -Marcus Borg) and the biblical texts parenthetically (Mark 2:4-8)

Describe the development of the synoptic tradition by describing Mark's context and purpose and then showing how Matthew and Luke revise the Markan text--according to their own contexts and purposes. What are the key factors in the first century that shape this development. Show, by reference to the texts, not just the Ludwig essays, how "gospels update."

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The development of the synoptic tradition is examined in the solution.

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It would be best to first recognize that what we today refer to as history is not the same thing as understood by the first century audience to whom the Gospels were first written. For one, the only real 'historiography', according to first century examples, is Luke-Acts, and by first century standards, it is of the utmost quality and dedication to the preserving of facts, at least according to the method in which it is written. For example, even the noted Jewish historian, Josephus, is found employing almost the same style of introduction to his work as that which we find at the beginning of Luke.

But what of the other gospels? It might be best to know that these are ...

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