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Servanthood Evangelism

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After speaking with several Christian friends about their evangelism experiences they told me that "dealing with lost people will cause us to get our hands dirty and sweaty just like tending to yard work. I believe that part of evangelism is to clear up misconceptions and misperceptions people have about the gospel. I am learning that dealing with people and evangelism is often messy."

I would like to get some other personal conversion perspectives on this subject.

1.) Please explain how your own conversion demonstrated "the dirty work of evangelism"?

2.) How has the discipline of servanthood evangelism taught you about the "necessity of/dirty work of" evangelism?

3.) Please address how your emerging biblical theology of evangelism and practical experience of faith has assisted people in addressing their misconceptions/misperceptions regarding the gospel.

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1. Your personal testimony as to how it relates to the assignment: I believe this part of the assignment questions is for you to answer. I suggest that you select parts of your conversion testimony that relates to evangelism such as who shared the gospel with you, how did he/she do it? What was the role of evangelism in your conversion? What kind of evangelism did you find impactful to your conversion?
Did the people or person who shared Christ with you do "the dirty work of evangelism" ?

2. Misconception/inaccurate perceptions regarding the gospel
- misconceptions and inaccurate perceptions of the gospel vary from country to country and place to place (SES, sub-cultures) . It is dependent also on the context of your mission field. For instance, in India, there are general misconceptions of the gospel that is a residue from the colonial days such as Christianity is a "white mans" religion, you become rich if you convert to Christianity , ...

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The importance of servanthood and Christian love in evangelism and the mission field, emphasis on working with locals as equals