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Conflict in the team and management strategy

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A certain degree of disagreements and conflicts are part of any team's functioning. However, if not properly managed, disagreements and conflicts resulting from group-thinking, narrow-mindedness, overconfidence, or complacency can lead to cycles of dysfunction within organizations. The increasing globalization of businesses and greater diversity in organizations are trends that also fuel the need for managing disagreements effectively. Conflict can spark creativity, energy, and personal improvement when it is managed in constructive ways. However, conflict that grows out of proportion can be destructive, sapping energy, destroying creativity, and weakening interpersonal relationships.

Can you identify a specific conflict that you were part of and write about your personal experience, identifying its causes, and, if you could go back in time, stating the appropriate management strategy you would have chosen to manage the conflict and why.

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The expert discuss the conflict situation personally experienced and appropriate strategy for managing the conflict.

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My organization was suffering from a lack of customer focus and quality-related issues, poor motivation, and productivity levels among workers. Thus, the management and senior managers discussed over the possibility of restructuring the entire operation and moving towards a newer culture. This focused on delegation, empowerment and increased flexibility for workers, as well as a move towards a flexible and modern culture from the current bureaucratic and traditional management style.

This decision caused a conflict among the management and senior managers because they were not willing to change their managerial styles and ...

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