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    Communication issues for cross-cultural supervisors

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    You and the other HR managers are working with a training consultant on a program for cross-cultural supervisors. You are contributing information and expertise in the area of dealing with conflicts when they arise on a team, with a focus on how areas of conflict can be complicated by cultural differences in team members.

    The training consultant has asked you to prepare notes for them describing two situations where you saw that communication issues on a team you were involved in that caused a serious misunderstanding and led to problems.

    If the problem was caused by only one member, was the problem obvious to others, or were you the only person who noticed it? How did you deal with it?

    If the problem was primarily between two team members and did not directly involve others on the team, what caused this problem? How did the team deal with it?
    Also, they want you to suggest a communication strategy that would have prevented these issues.

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    Communications Issues

    Communication Issues are of various types, as they arise due to different reasons and by different people of a team. One situation, which describes the communication issues, is that when a team member does not attain recognition by the team leader for his or her individual participation in the task of goal achievement. Another situation reflects the conflict between two members of a team, due to the difference in their cultural background, which further creates the problem for other members. Both these problems due to communication issues affect the overall recital of the team (Robbins, 2005).

    Situation 1

    The problem in the team was caused by one person, but it was obvious to others, as the team member who created the problem assumed that he was not been taken as an important member by the mentor, as like others. This problem of the team member was created due to the communication gap between him and his mentor. As this problem was created by the single ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 613 Words, APA References