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    Benefits of distance learning from a student's perspective

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    Write an outline for a presentation on the benefits of distance learning from a student's perspective. The audience will be students and teachers with very little computer experience and may be somewhat fearful of the idea. Make sure to tailor the presentation outline with this audience in mind.

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    I broke this down by concepts, it is up to you to apply them and create your outline.

    Computer skills:
    - navigation of the website is simple and easy. You don't need any fancy equipment, you don't need to install complex software - all you need is a program which plays videos, a high speed connection and a printer.
    - Many schools will offer tutorials to new students during the first week of school. Often students are required to come into campus for orientation, ...

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    This posting will give suggestions on how to create a presentation which aims to convince students that distance learning is a valuable option.