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International Marketing Research

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1. What are the trade-offs between centralized and decentralized international marketing research?
2. What were the industries and countries that filed anti-dumping claims on behalf of the United States last year?
3. Outline how marketers used the Lotus Notes and Domino to interactively share information that improved internal communications for network global organizations.

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1. What are the trade-offs between centralized and decentralized international marketing research?

Centralized research means that the majority of research may be done through data provided by either biased or "common" means. In bias data, the data is gathered and presented based on the cultural attitudes of the research group specifically. This will eliminate possible knowledge gained through examining data based on the specific attitudes of other cultures.

Common means of gathering data can also impede marketing research by asking the wrong, inadequate, or unnecessary questions for different countries, regions, and cultures. For example, Home Depot asking questions of men in South America about home improvements will not give the most definitive ...

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The trade-offs between centralized and decentralized international marketing research are determined in the solution.

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