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    International Marketing Research Realities

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    Attempts to understand the theory of marketing may take a number of avenues. Much research has been undertaken that focused on the impact of the practice of marketing and the results of these marketing activities as they apply to the theory of marketing. Based on your current understanding of international, multinational, and global marketing research, answer this question:

    Is global marketing research a myth or reality?

    Provide rationale and examples in your answer.

    Further the discussion in any of the following ways: draw conclusions from the results of your peers' research, ask questions, provide statements of clarification specify a point of view and your rationale, respectfully challenge a point of discussion, and/or draw a relationship between one or more points of discussion.

    All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing

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    Global marketing research is a very strong and vivid reality, due to the fact that this kind of research is what multinational corporations utilize in order to ascertain as to the level of opportunities that are available for the marketing of their goods and services across the globe. Global marketing research is crucial to helping multinational corporations to understand what goods and services are the most highly demanded within different countries around the world. ...

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