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Different Types of Surveys Used in Market Research Projects

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Market research projects cover a wide range of marketing activities which provide the required information to marketers for effective business decision making. Different types of surveys are used to collect data while conducting such research studies. List various survey types with a brief description of each.

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Classification of Marketing Research Surveys

Marketing strategists rely heavily on marketing research studies in order to make sound marketing decisions. Marketing research covers a wide spectrum of different type of studies that marketing managers may require according to their information needs. Survey of customers and various respondents groups is a very common method of data collection and a variety of surveys are used to conduct studies in different areas of marketing activities. Listed are fifteen different types of surveys with a brief description of each. This will help you understand the nature of different surveys and their application.

1. Market Description Surveys determine the size and relative market share of a product or service. They provide information about key market factors such as, growth, competitive position and other environmental factors.

2. Market Profiling & Segmentation Surveys are used to identify customers and non-customers and the reasons for their buying behaviour. These are good for identifying market segments and developing profiles of different customer groups.

3. Stage in The Product Adoption Process - Tracking Surveys are surveys that help determine where the ...

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This response looks at the different surveys used to collect data for research studies.

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Research can be used for many different things. For example, a sales environment would want to research and gather information on sales volume for a particular product. Reaserch often determines how a company will proceed with their business.
Surveys are often used to gather opinions of current customer and non customers to see that best way to proceed on a proto-type product or project.

Business Research Applications Paper

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The student was required to describe research methods within his/her organization or one that they were familiar with.
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Another suggestion was to interview an employee within the research department to see what methods they are using.
Other alternatives were the use of Marketing Research firms and consultants.

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