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    Research in Organizations

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    Business Research Applications Paper

    Prepare a paper in which you describe how research is used in your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar), and how it can be used more effectively. Be sure to detail the current research and areas in which you think more research is needed.

    The student was required to describe research methods within his/her organization or one that they were familiar with.
    The solution covered a variety of ways that this could be done. Several suggestions were provided for this paper.
    One suggestion of great importance was a gap analysis. A gap analysis is when the company researches and finds best practices among other companies similar to themselves and may implement some of the best practices found.

    Another suggestion was to interview an employee within the research department to see what methods they are using.
    Other alternatives were the use of Marketing Research firms and consultants.

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    The student was encoraged to use a template for his research paper. A sample of a research document was also given if there was no template from the course.

    see attached research paper format.

    The assignment is asking you to research how your organization gathers their research. It also gives you the option of choosing one that you are familiar with.

    #1 The first thing would be to choose the organization.
    #2 Look for what type and area of research you want to talk about. Some good examples are financial institutions as they have several different ways they research future products they are wishing to market to their existing customers and non-existing customers.

    One example could be the marketing of a new credit card targeted for a specific group of customers such as business customers.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    How did the company get access to the information ...

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    This article gave insight on how an organization researches and gathers information needed to remian effective. It covers different types and ways to research material needd for an organization.