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    Research in Business

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    Locate a peer-reviewed article that discusses research in an organization.

    Topic ideas might include the role of research, development of research studies, integration of different types of methods, or the communication of research results within an organization.

    You are also required to locate a second peer-reviewed to support your assertions about the article being reviewed.

    Note that these are ideas; please expand within the parameters of research used within organizations. Respond to the following questions/ topics:

    1. Summarize the article with an eye on the author's main point.

    2. How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about research?

    3. How does this article illustrate the importance of using research to make decisions within an organization?

    4. How can information in this article be applied to your field?

    5. What is your opinion on the topic of this article?

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    Research in Business

    In their case study, Pembele and Ivanov (2014) discuss the reasons small organizations may turn down research requests. The authors acknowledge the importance of research for organizations of all sizes, to improve operations. In the paper, the authors discuss a case study of a non-profit organization who was able to grow revenues 50% in a single year but was unable to keep up with the demands on the organization. The organization was more than six months behind on accounting and receivables, and management was focused on working backwards, rather than on the current day-to-day activities. The researchers were interested in learning more about the organization and proposed a case study approach to management. However, their request was turned down. The researchers decided to evaluate why the organization would turn down the opportunity to participate in research that could potentially benefit its operations.

    Pembele and Ivanov used Deming's organizational theory to evaluate the business, conceptually. The authors reference Deming (1992) by stating "organizations that focus on the short term, believe in the immediate profit, sacrifice the future of their enterprise" (Pembele & Ivanov, 2014, p. 30). Pembele and Ivanov identified that the business was too focused on the short term, rather than realizing the importance of how research could help it learn how to become better prepared to handle increases in sales. The authors cite the problem with organizations who concentrate on historical problems as losing the ability to look forward. They also ...

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