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    Comparing and Contrasting Two Organizations in the Same Sector

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    I need guidance on how to start a research project that compares and contrasts two organizations in the same sector: Career Education Corporation and the Apollo Group Inc.; by looking into an anlysis of: legal, social, and economic environments; management structure; operational and financial issues; and impact of potential change factors.

    1, Legal: Is that the legal structure of the firm?
    2. I am confused on what is meant by social, even after explanation from the teacher.
    3. Econonic environment: Where would someone look on a website for that info?
    4. Operational and financial issues: Just by reading from a site how would you know them?
    5. Same question in regards to the managerial, operational and financial issues of the organization?

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    Kindly find attached a tutorial with some ideas, references and content related to environmental analysis for organizations.


    For two firms to conduct a side by side research, first of all the structure of the research should be formed by taking into consideration both the firms. After this, objectives and aims on the basis of comparison points or aspects for the two firms that are Career Group Corporation and Apollo Group Inc should be formed (Flick, 2011).

    Starting of Research Project

    To start a research project, it is vital to first frame the research question and objective by considering the background of both the firms (Goddard & Melville, 2004). Under this, all aspects like legal, social, economic environment, management structure, operational and financial issues are included. Apart from this, impact of potential change factors over the two organizations should also be considered while framing the objectives and research problem. Like, in the following way, the research question and objectives can be framed or developed to start the research:

    Research Question:

    To compare and contrast Career Group Corporation and Apollo Group Inc in terms of their macro and micro environmental factors (Rugg & Petre, 2006).

    Here, macro environment means the external environment that involves legal, social, and economic environments. Both the services organizations are affected by these aspects of macro environment directly or indirectly. Similarly, here micro environment means internal environment that involves management structure, operational and financial issues. Both the services organizations are affected by these aspects of ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts two organizations in the same sector. Whether legal structures of the firm are determined.