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    Topics in American Civil War

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    1. Characterize the perspectives of the South and the North before the Civil War.

    2. Why was the future of the West such an important issue for antebellum Americans?

    3. Do you think Congress could have reached another compromise and avoided war? Explain your answer.

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    Here are a few things you might want to think about.

    1. The South was heavily interested in State's rights. The Southern perspective fervently held that the Federal government did not have the right to dictate things not enumerated in the Constitution as Federal powers (in other words, they were strict interpretationists). Thus, when the South seceded, they formed a Confederacy, or looser alliance of ...

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    The solution provides pointers to help answer the 3 questions listed (see long description/Problem); topic is the American Civil War (perspectives, antebellum Americans, US Congress, compromise).