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    Early federal land policy

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    What was the early federal land policy towards blacks during the war?

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    Since you did not indicate which 'war' or which history, I am assuming that this is in relation to American 'Federal' history and since most rights of African-Americans began to improve comprehensively during the Reconstruction, I am assuming it is the civil war. With this in mind, the solution below should get you started. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic.

    Early Land Federal Policy

    As we know, the American Civil War was fought between the Union North and the Confederate South primarily on the issue of slavery. Lincoln's government opposed the extension of slavery into U.S. territories and this was going against the needs, values and the manner by which Confederacy states operated as they were dependent on cotton & tobacco plantations labour dependent on slaves. In the South therefore, prior to the war, Blacks (present ...

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    The solution describes the early federal land policy towards blacks during the war.