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    Robert E Lee: Outline

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    Please help to make a detailed outline for Robert E Lee.

    This is the format for the outline:
    Your Roman Numeral I will be made up of a list of your main ideas shown as A. B. C. etc-no numbers under the letters will be needed. Your final letter will be your thesis statement. Each of the following Roman Numbers will be one of the individual topics. Under each of your Roman Numerals you will need to list EVERY IDEA, EVERY FACT that you will use in your Research Paper. Your final Roman Numeral will be your concluding paragraph. Restate your Thesis as letter A, and then add some concluding comments. There should be nothing in your Research Paper that is not in your outline. It is especially important that you put EVERY DETAIL into your outline. Use capital letters, numbers, and lower-case letters.

    These are the topic for the outline
    1 Early life and career
    2 Military engineer career
    3 Marriage and family
    4 Mexican-American War
    5 Early 1850s: West Point and Texas
    6 Late 1850s: Arlington plantation and the Custis slaves
    6.1 The Norris case
    7 Lee's views on slavery
    8 Harpers Ferry and Texas, 1859-61
    8.1 Harpers Ferry
    8.2 Texas
    9 Civil War
    9.1 Early role
    9.2 Commander, Army of Northern Virginia
    9.3 Battle of Gettysburg
    9.4 Ulysses S. Grant and the Union offensive
    9.5 General-in-chief
    10 Lee's Civil War battle summaries
    11 After the war
    11.1 President Johnson's amnesty pardons
    11.2 Postwar politics
    12 Illness and death.

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