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Civil War and Robert E. Lee

During the Civil War, the tragic character Robert E. Lee came to the forefront with his impact upon the war. If you were in Lee's position, what would you have done in relation to either supporting the Union or supporting your state? Please respond to this question with the following two factors in mind: think of the feeling and environment at that time with state's rights and also think of many people's perception of the federal government at that time.

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This is a very interesting question! Historians argue even today if the South ever had a chance of winning the Civil War. In fact, had it not been for General Lee and his determination to drag out the war as long as possible (in order to wear down the North), the Civil War might have ended much sooner and may have even had different results. The Confederate Army actually could have ended it all in the first couple of battles in Virginia at the very beginning of the war, but where was the sport in that? They were going to win this thing by wearing down the Union until they broke. Lee should have better assessed the devastation that dragging out the war was doing on his own ...

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The expert examines the impact upon the Civil War of supporting unions.