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Business Management: Communication and Decision Making

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1. Identify the pros and cons of group decisions.
2. Identify at least three ways that a manager can become a more supportive communicator?
3. In what way does culture influence communication? How can cross-cultural communication be improved?
4. Describe the Delphi technique, the nominal group technique, and the stepladder technique of decision making, and explain each briefly.
5. Explain the overall communication process, and describe each of its corresponding elements.
6. Identify the three primary models of individual decision making, and briefly describe each.

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1. I think that one of the major pros of group decisions, is that group decisions allow for a great deal of input from different individuals which increases the pool of ideas from which decisions can be made. This increases the probability that the most efficient and effective decision will be made on a given issue. I think that a major con of group decisions is that group decisions can be very time-consuming, due to the fact that it may take a great deal of time for there to be some form of consensus within the group as to which decisions are utilized in a given situation.

2. I think that one of the most important ways that a manager can become a more supportive communicator, is for the manager to learn to trade minds with the individual that they are communicating with. This entails understanding the situation from the point of view of the individual that they are seeking to communicate with, and empathizing with their perspective or situation at that time. I think another way that a manager can become a more supportive communicator is for that manager to increase their ability to ...

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This solution discusses communication and decision making within a business or organization.

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