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    Teaching Measurement in the Third Grade Classroom

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    In your classroom, you will have a wide range of ability levels. Regardless of the level of your students, you are expected to teach the curriculum and have the students be able to demonstrate knowledge of it on some form of a test. Describe one method that you would use to teach measurements to a student with disabilities other than reading out of the textbook and answering questions. Apply this method to the 3rd grade level.

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    As a third grade teacher, I try to reach students on as many levels as possible. Students learn in so many ways and often learning comes best when a concept is presented in a variety of applications where they can see, feel, hear it or about it and other avenues. In terms of math content, manipulative are best for the right ...

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    Strategies for teaching measurement to a child with disabilities, using hands-on activities and other ideas are discussed. The explanation is given in 214 words.