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Lesson Action Plan Activities for Multiple Intelligences

Using Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences, can you please give me an example by picking a topic that you would like to teach (Examples: Civil War, Charlotte's Web, China, etc.) and create a five step action plan to include activities addressing various learning styles. Provide a rationale and two resources.

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In case you don't know much about learning styles, here is info (can't cite) on wikipedia:

A great teaching method to incorporate Gardner's mulitple intelligences (MI's) is the Jigsaw teaching method. Look here for sample plan:

Also look up "Jigsaw teaching method on Youtube for some great videos!

The rationale for using Jigsaw is because in includes many MI in the learning process such as:
intra personal-- writing the reflection paper (I am referring to the lesson plan supplied in the link I gave you above)
inter persona-- group work
linguistic-- students have to read and present work verbally
mathematical logical-- some students will be looking up dosages etc
body/kenesthetic --they will be handling vitamins and minerals and passing them around, seeing colors, smelling etc

This is a lesson plan for students to learn about vitamins and minerals and to be able to ...

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How to incorporate Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences in a lesson plan or action plan to using activities that address various learning styles. Provide a rationale and two resources.