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    Portfolio Assessments in Education

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    Discuss the purpose of portfolio assessment and how they can be used in training and education.
    Discuss how portfolio assessments might be used in corporate training, higher education, and K-12.

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    Portfolio assessment is a collection of work from the student, employee, or even an educator that can show the efforts, progress, and achievements of a person. This allows the person to reflect on their own progress as well as assess where changes may be required or may be necessary. An educator can view the student's portfolio and see where changes may be necessary and can implement the necessary changes in the learning plan or lesson plans. A portfolio assessment should be a collection of the student's best work, and the person should be able to select the work they choose to be in their portfolio assessment (1). Research has shown that a student can benefit from developing an awareness of the processes and strategies that are involved in writing, researching a subject, analyzing the information discovered ...

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    This solution discusses how portfolio assessments can be used in an education setting and in a corporate setting.