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Portfolio Assessment

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Discuss how portfolio assessments might be used in corporate training, higher education, and Kâ?"12.
Discuss how portfolios would be used during student presence in a program that lasts several years. In other words, discuss the use of portfolios beyond one course or one year.
Use examples to clarify your discussion.

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First off, as you briefly discuss how portfolio assessments might be effectively used in corporate training, I feel that they can be effectively used to measure growth in one's work samples and overall productivity, for example. When I worked for a company in fundraising, we were assessed using portfolios. We kept a compilation of letters that we had written to solicit donations. In turn, our supervisors critiqued and evaluated our work during quarterly and end of the year reviews from the portfolios in order to provide feedback about our specific strengths and weaknesses. If we received positive letters from stakeholders, those comments were also placed in their as "brag sheets" or evidence of our ...

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Portfolio assessments is justified in higher education.