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Advantages and Disadvantages of Informal Assessments

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Choose three specific assessments from the list below

Event Sampling
Running Record
Teacher and Child Self-Assessments

For each assessment:
Describe how the assessment will be used to support the following areas:
Planning and Adapting Curriculum
Improving Teacher and Program Effectiveness
Tracking Children's Progress for Teachers and Families
Screening for Special Needs.

Discuss the advantages of using the assessment.

Explain the potential obstacles of using the assessment.

Develop a plan of action to attempt to overcome obstacles.

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Event Sampling

Event sampling presents a method where the observer watches and records specific behaviors. The greatest advantages of event sampling are that it tracks the antecedents and the consequences associated with the behavior and is used to record even rarely occurring problem behaviors. Since it provides visual and dynamic proofs about student's behaviors and social skill level and development, event sampling is sporadic collection of the student, when needed for a behavior intervention plan. The disadvantages of event sampling are the lack of detail and the narrowness of focus on exclusive behaviors. Event sampling tracks for social skills and improvements necessary in order for the child to learn.

Student portfolio

Portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits to the student efforts or achievement in one or more ...

Solution Summary

Listed here are four informal assessments which a specific purpose in the classroom. Event sampling, portfolios, running records, and teacher and child self-assessments are individually outlined in detail. Each assessment describes how the assess is used to support, planning, adapting the curriculum, and track children's progress for teachers and the child's family. In addition, the information explains how the assessments can improve the teacher; and screen for special needs. The advantages of using the assessments are also discussed.

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