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Discussion of Teacher Made and Commercial Assessments

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All I need you to do is answers the 2 questions, in your own words.

Use the questions to interview one teacher and one administrator to find out their experience and views regarding standardized testing.

How will you determine when to use a commercial made opposed to a teacher made assessment?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the different objective test formats?

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How will you determine when to use a commercial made oppose to a teacher made assessment?

Assessments are part of the process that we as teachers need to use because this process notifies the students and the teacher of the level of learning that the students have achieved. We are responsible for designing assessment tools that evaluate students learning. Most of the teacher's materials that we have today already come with commercial made assessments, but sometimes those assessments are not enough and we must become creative to come up with a teacher made assessment. We can determine to use a commercial made opposed to a teacher made assessment or vice versa when the following happens:
1. Pre-assessment: Most teachers like to use a pre-assessment at the beginning of the school year to know where students stand and know where ...

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