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Self-assessment and Authenticity in Writing Assignments

Can I get help with an explanation of two strategies for how you might facilitate the student's process of self-assessment in future writing assignments to improve?

On a separate page provide an explanation of how envisioning feedback affecting student self-efficacy and student learning.

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One method to encourage a student's self-assessment of their writing is to have them read their work out loud. This sounds like a simple method but it has some challenges that may require some preamble to ensure that students are using it effectively. The read aloud method can be difficult to use in a large classroom since students need the space to be able to read clearly, out loud in order to avoid falling back into reading in their heads. It is very helpful if the teacher can find space in which every student can have a several minutes to practice reading their work out loud. The other challenge that may be encountered with this method is a tendency for students to want to speak or read in a way that is overly complex or ...

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What are two methods of self-assessment for students to use for writing assignments? How can authentic assessment improve self-efficacy for student authors?