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Kids' Behavior Assessment System

Describe of the characteristics, uses, and purposes of Behavior Assessment System for Children

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BASC includes following key areas which are used for assessing children and for intervention assessment purpose.

Primary improvement areas
Hyper activity
Attention problems
Study skills

Secondary improvement areas
Adaptive skills

When an area's reading fall into the clinically significant range, then the results summary discusses steps that can be taken to modify the problem in child's behavior.

Here is a sample of activities which fall under primary improvement areas
? leaving seat
? disrupting others
? being overly active
? acting without thinking
? interrupting others
? having poor self-control
? not waiting for turn
? seeking attention
Attention Problems
? staying focused
? paying attention
? listening well
Study Skills
? studying well
? reading
? staying organized
? completing homework
? making up assignments


While using BASC report and basing behavioral modification using the ...

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Behavior Assessment System for Kids is examined briefly.