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    Criteria for evaluating employee performance

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    What are your thoughts on evaluating an employee's performance based on what a manager thinks he or she deserves as opposed to what his or her work entails? Support your rationale with two to three examples.

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    Suggested steps to completing this assignment are as follows:

    1. Set the foundation for your response by first defining "evaluating an employee" in your own words and/or by using one or two quotes by a cited source. Example:

    "An employee evaluation is the process by which the manager writes 'his opinions of the performance of a reporting staff member on a document supplied by the HR department' (Heathfield, 2011)."

    2. Discuss what criteria should be used in evaluating an employee. You can use the following questions to guide your thinking:

    a. How does a "job description" fit into the evaluation process?
    b. What purpose does an employee evaluation serve?
    c. If the ...

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