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Four Types of Performance Assessment Approaches

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As a compensation consultant, your newest client is a southwest steel fabrication shop that specializes in producing supermarket shopping carts. The company has one production facility that employs 130 people. You learn that 90 of the jobs are for machine operators. The machine operators bend and weld steel rods and wire. The production lines are well established and product lines have a great deal of consistency. The job appears to you to be a low-level one with prescribed tasks and routines.

Should you recommend a straight ranking approach, a rating system like a behavioral anchored rating scale (BARS), a management by objectives (MBO) format, or a 360-degree multi-rater approach? Describe the four types of performance assessment approaches. Recommend one and justify why you have chosen it.

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There are several types of performance assessment approaches. Let's take a look at straight ranking, BARS, MBO, and the 360 review process. Then, we will make a determination of what performance assessment approach is best for Southwest Steel Fabrication.

Straight Ranking Approach

Straight ranking approach to performance appraisals pins each employee against the others in their peer group. As the name implies, ranking is just that - the workers are rated from best to ...

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The solution discusses the four types of performance assessment approaches.

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