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Employee Feedback and Performance Management

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Evaluate the importance of employee feedback from the manager's stand point as well as the employee's stand point. Discuss the three approaches managers can take to conducting feedback. Define the three broad purposes for performance management, and provide an example of a situation that relates to each purpose.

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From the manager's perspective, employee feedback can be helpful to know how well subordinates are responding to them as a leader. Comments may reveal the type of leader employes perceive the manager to be; such as autocratic (we do as told due to the legitimate power of the manager's position, or worse - out of fear of negative consequences), democratic (we are asked for our input into how the job is done, which creates ownership and respect for the manager) or laissez faire (we can do whatever we want). Feedback from the "down-up" flow may give managers insightful comments about how well they are leading others. For employees, feedback is critical in knowing how performance rates, how they are valued in a position and their overall status within the organization. Employees need this feedback to know ...

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This solution evaluates the importance of employee feedback - from both the employee and manager perspectives. There is a discussion provided on three approaches managers can take in obtaining feedback. Also included is a discussion on the three broad purposes for performance management. This solution is over 500 words long.

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