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    External Factors Influence on Performance Evaluation

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    What external factors influence the evaluation of performance in the workplace setting. Just need some help and references in answering this question.

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    The effect of evaluation on employee performance is traditionally a conflicting problem. Evaluation of performance can, however, also be characterized as an investment in the evaluated employee's human capital. Evaluation is a particularly salient topic in education, training and development where effectiveness varies substantially and where employee evaluation itself is increasingly a focus of public policy.

    The external factors that influence the evaluation of performance in a workplace setting are globalization, demographics changes, and new technology including family life can have a direct impact, personal problems, distance one has to travel to work, or the salary an individual need to make. The following are subjected to the will of social, economic, political, legal and other external forces, yet they can affect and influence the evaluation of ...

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    There are many factors that affect the success. One factor, which organizations cannot control consists of external factors. These external factors surround organizations and can either inhibit success or create a supportive framework for growth. The solution evaluates these factors.