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Effective Leadership: Obstacles and Tools to Succeed

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What is meant by effective leadership? What obstacles may hinder effective leadership? What tools effectively reduce leadership obstacles in an organization? When and how should these tools be used?

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Rating the "effectiveness" of leadership is often a personal opinion. Some individuals want a manager/supervisor whom communicates clearly and provides strict direction. Other people want a leader to inspire them to do their best work, leaving the "how" to achieve their best up to them. Effective leadership must be adaptable, with an ability to attract and the retain the attention of a multitude of employee personalities. One obstacle that hinders the ability of effective leadership is ...

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This solution is over 300 words and explains what traits are viewed as common, effective leadership skills. There is a discussion on what obstacles can occur in effective leadership, such as those employees transitioning from a peer level position to supervision - and still wanting to be "one of the worker bees" and not tell others what do to. There is also an obstacle of "similar to me" in which a leader tends to favor those employees whom have similar personalities.

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